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The Southern Tug Hill Sno-Riders currently operates four trail groomers. Our groomers are all New Holland tractors with track conversions. The use of tractors for grooming has worked well for us by providing function, ease of use and low maintenance operation. Three are equipped with Sur-Trac® track and drag systems and one is equipped with Soucy Tracks.

The Sur-Trac® systems employ a track system driven from the rear wheels and articulate with the drag to steer. We have one TS110 groomer, one TM 130 groomer, one 6020 New Holland 4x4 with a four track system, and our new 2012 New Holland 140hp groomer with Soucy track system. Reference the link below for more on Sur-Trac® groomers.


Sur-Trac® Groomers


Our fourth groomer is a New Holland T6070 four wheel drive tractor with Soucy Tracks. While the Sur-Trac® groomers utilize the drag to steer and can only operate with the drag attached, the Soucy equipped New Holland can steer and operate without the drag.


Soucy Track

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